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  • Easy to pack

  • Be mobile

  • 100% Ecological

  • Zero Contamination

  • Ride a new electrical technology

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Fun ride

  • Protect the environment

Adapt to different terrains

  • Almost no weight (40lbs)

  • Take it with you

EcoRover is a stylish smart vertical scooter able to start, stop, reverse, and turn with simple movements of the body. EcoRover is an electric means of transportation with an advance technological design and zero carbon pollution.
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Why EcoRover?

Because is 100% Ecological. Does not contaminate and help to clear the crowed streets and commuting problems. Finally, it takes less time to move between the sights than walk, so you’ll see more in less time!

Experience an adventure in some of the most
beautiful cities in the world gliding around on an EcoRover.
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