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Control handle, control your direction

ABS plastics, same material with the hull and comfortable to hold.

Extend-retract rod: adjust the height freely

Aluminium alloy, strong and light, please adjust it to your waist position.

Tire: vacuum rubber tire–no aeration, light, weight, durable and maintenance-free.

It is based on own patent and with good quality, taking the advantage compared with normal solid rubber tire (heavy and poor vibration absorbance) or PU tire (poor wearability and frictional force)

Remote control, Your key

The maximal control distance is 10 meters, you can turn or off Robin with it.

Balanced status indicator light which navigates for you

Shows the current state for each parts of the car.

Built-in GPS intelligent remote control

You can check the position of the product by using mobile phone or computer, and remote shut-off will be brought about by sending message. If your mobile phone is android system, you can download the application software to achieve remote control.

Excellent quality comes because of YOU.

Every detail is perfect, all parts are in top science and technology!

Powerful Motor

There are two motors fixed on the left and right side of Robin. With rated power 400 volts each you can go anywhere you like.

Imported electric motor and reducer,small size but high power

Applied with rare earth magnetic steel rotor and powerful permanent megnent brushless DC motor, featuring in high power, low energy consumption, long lifespan and small size, Robin can output the required power timely in case of any emergency happened so as to ensure safety. The reducer is imported, constituted with full metal gear. It’s high cost but small in size.

Leveling with car, the electronic components of Robstep can ensure the stability of the system

The temperature range of components is from -40 centigrade to 105 centigrade, the same as car. Meanwile, in order to maintain the stability of products under different temperature, the sensor assembly of Robstep has been calibrated under the temperature range from -20 centigrade to -70 centigrade, which far exceeds the civilian-grade of the similar products, whose temperature range is only from 0 centigrade to 70 centigrade and even exceeds that of the toy level.